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MIBO scooter 




Q: Scooter is just for the kids, isn’t it?

A: No! It’s proper sport equipment/commuter vehicle and huge fun for adults as well. And you even can drive with your little treasure, because we offer scooter with seat for a child!


Q: How to choose right scooter for yourself?

A: First think about is for what purpose do you want to use it. City commute? Then pick Courage or Tiny. Fitness? Crazy is your choice. For long trips we have Geroy or Univers and RaceK for fast-pacers. If you are adrenaline-addicted downhiller, you have to try Dextro. Everyone is able to find what suits his needs.


Q: What about the maintenance?

A: Well, there’s no chain, no derailleur as on the bike, so the maintenance is pretty simple. Just check the brakes and their cables and keep your tires well inflated. Before you drive, check that all the bolts and hubs are tightened.


Q: Is it even healthy?

A: Unlike riding a bike, scooter rides connecting muscle groups legs, back and hands. Nowadays, when many people perform a sedentary job, can regularly scooter rides do almost a miracle. I know what I'm talking about, I'm one of them. My spine is grateful and my legs and gluteus maximus do not look too bad ;-) The movement cycle is very similar to running, but as you are actually riding, there’s no impact damage to your joints and ankles.


Q: Safety in traffic?

A: Best approach is to be aware of what is going on around you, as if you are riding a bike. Wear your cycling helmet and use common sense. When riding on walking path, adjust your speed to the speed of pedestrians and you will be easily tolerated.